How Netcontacts Business works

All You Need to Know About NETCONTACTS - Nigeria Online Money Making Platform

I know by now you must have heard of the netcontacts business and however if you haven’t heard about it, it’s one of the best and legitimate online business in Nigeria today with high income involved. This first-hand information was supposed to be an eBook but because of my generosity and for the sake of my lovely readers that wanting to know what netcontacts is all about, I am giving it out for FREE!. You can earn up to N1.5 Million within few months of being a member of the site. It’s not like all those refer links that promise you 1$ per refer and at the end of the month you’ll get nothing or those news sites that will give you multiple tasks to be clicking Ads or Commenting on their sites and in the end they will give you N500-N1200. With Netcontact you’ll watch your money grow. No need for any survey or whatsoever, you will just sit in the comfort of your Home or office and you will be getting credit alerts from your bank all the time. Why I Love Netcontacts is because it is a Nigerian site and 100% real.

Example: if you can invite 10 people per day, you will be paid (10 x N1,500 = N15,000) if you add up (N15, 000 x 31 days = N465,000) now ask yourself this, which job in this dwindling economy of ours will pay you that much monthly?

Advantages Of Netcontact Nigeria:

• No central account

• No profit sharing

• No third party payment

• You can promote your products and services for FREE on netcontacts website

• It has one of the top online reputations. You can go online later and do your findings yourself.

• In this business you're the Boss

• One time activation fee of ₦1,500 for full membership and thereafter you could be making up to ₦100,000 or more per month. is making millions of Nigerian people of every class millionaires overnight. Some people have resigned from their white collar job because of the huge amount of income netcontacts is generating for them. This is not a FRAUD! It’s genuine, real, tested and trusted. I myself have made money from it also, so it is not what I am told but what I am into. Thousands of Nigerians are becoming Netcontact members on a daily basis due to the benefits involved.

Qualifications: There is no qualification involved. Even a primary school student can register and work with Netcontacts so far you can read and write.

Materials Needed:

Just a mobile phone that can browse and a valid Bank Account number because you will be paid daily directly into your bank account anywhere here in Nigeria

Work Hours:

You work anywhere and anytime you like because you are your own boss.

How To Earn Daily Income From Netcontacts

Be paid N1,500 for each person you invite to register as Netcontacts' member, from any town or city within Nigeria! is a programe created to help Nigerians, their aim is to help people raise money, so as to help themselves especially considering the high level of unemployment in Nigeria. The programme comes with many benefits for serious minded people who move from trial membership status to full membership status.

The process is sowing and reaping....what you sow (N1500) you reap in unlimited folds (From as many people as you invite to become full members paying N1500 to your Nigerian account direct) IT IS REAL!

So live your dreams, by embracing this opportunity now! Become Netcontacts member and be paid N1,500 for each person you invite to register as Netcontacts' full member. Invite 1000 persons monthly and make 1.5 million naira every month....IT IS POSSIBLE!

How And Where To Invite People?

This is one of the main thing that makes most of you not to activate ur account because you don't know where and how to invite people and also scared if your invitees will pay you. I'm here to tell you that inviting people is very easy as ABCD with the help of social sites like,,, etc you can invite people through bulksms, emails and many more platforms.

Why Netcontacts Business Is Different From Other Online Businesses:

1) With Netcontacts Business, you are your own boss. You are the one that will help people activate their accounts and you will be paid directly into your naija bank account. Whereas if you join other programmes, they will ask you to pay to their bank account. That means you are working for them.

2) Let say you invite 10 people to Netcontacts, you will be paid ₦15,000 direct into your naija bank account whereas if you invite 10 people to other websites you will be paid ₦8000 while the owner(s) cut ₦7000 from your money. They will share 40% from the money you supposed to make. Are you ok with that kind of business?

3) Many online businesses today will asked you to be clicking Ads, Commenting, and Reading News daily before you gets paid which are mostly ₦50-₦200 daily. And funny enough you would be getting probably like ₦2000 at the end of the months after multiple tasks. This is NOT done in Netcontacts Business and you can be making far more than that in Netcontacts.

4) No need to request for payment with Netcontacts. Anybody you invited will pay you direct to your local bank account while other online platforms will ask you to send payment request to them before they would pay you if at all they would eventually pay in the end.

5) Can you now see the differences between Netcontacts and others? Are you ready to join thousand of happy families that are smiling everyday to their bank accounts?



First COPY this Invitation Code: 158748571158 and VISIT their website to register :


Click on this link:


Click on "Register" and register on the platform with your personal information. You would be asked for Invitation Code, use 158748571158


Kindly check your inbox/spam for Email Verification and thereafter login.


This is the stage you’ll be asked to make payment of ₦1,500 to the person you joined through his/her Invitation Code which you’ll automatically seen on your Dashboard which is my details.

Note: What this means is that only the person that you registered with through him or her Referral link or Invitation Code as shown in your Dashboard can activate your account.


After payment is made, kindly send me proof of payment and upon confirmation I’ll activate your account within a minute. It’s after your account has been activated you’ll then have full access to NetContacts Nigeria features. As a PAID MEMBERSHIP you can now start inviting as many people as you like using your Referral link/Invitation Code. There’s no limit on the people you can invite. The more people you invite to join NetContacts, the more you smile to the bank. Isn’t that great? Yes of course!

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I'm Cyril A.! For a while now I’ve being a member of Nigeria's finest online business called "Netcontacts Nigeria" and I can give you the 100% assurance that this business is the best online business in Nigeria at the moment; which you can do ANYWHERE you are.  Thus, I'll be glad you join Netcontacts Nigeria through my Invitation Code as stated above. It's a business you can make fortune from on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Once again thanks for your time for reading my article. See you at the top financially.....